Minimum and maximum limits on your cart, products and group

App designed to streamline the implementation of restrictions on your cart ordering process. You can apply restrictions for an entire cart, specific products or groups of products.

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Limit orders

Limit orders for sale items, free & shipping items, or because someone just ordered 200 samples from your store

Min or Max

Limit on any order based on Individual product, cart total, number of items, products within a group, based on customer tags or weight

Remind Customers Automatically

Customers will be reminded that they need to add or remove something from their cart before they can proceed to checkout


Conditional limit rules applied in certain situations to certain groups of products only

Apply Rules to:

  • Mandatory product groups
  • Exclusive products or groups
  • Collection-specific limits
  • Customer tag-based limits
  • and more...
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Customers will be reminded that they need to add or remove something from their cart before they can proceed to checkout

Straightforward and intuitive UI

Why we prioritized convenience and ease-of-use when developing our user interface. You’ll find our UI is straightforward and intuitive, requiring zero knowledge of coding or even theme maintenance.

Cart management can be painful sometimes, thank god we found this app! We installed it and we can easily create T&Cs for our customer's cart

Southern Self Storage, USA

Easy to define minimum and maximum from the simple to complex

Limits can be set on

  • Total dollar value in cart
  • Total number of
  • Number of individual items
  • Number of items within a group of products
  • Total weight of items in the cart
  • Rules: mutually exclusive and mandatory items
  • Multiples of items in a product group (ie: 6 bottles in a case)
  • Limits based on customer tag such as wholesale

Sorry. Order limits does NOT support

Limits based on customer tag such as wholesale
Limits across multiple orders for a customer are NOT currently supported
The app does NOT have any functionality around discounts

Easy to install and support


Install in 5 minute

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Add restrictions with zero knowledge of coding


If you have questions, our support will help with them as soon as possible

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Overall rating
4.7 of 5 stars
Solid app. Does exactly what it's supposed to do. I recommend. I've used this for limited edition releases.
Period Correct
Initially had a payment issue which I thought was the app's fault - developer got in touch asap and assured me it wasn't and they were right - it was on the bank's end. Very quick customer support, easy to use app.
NZ Retro Magazine
Brilliant app - can be a little complex to figure out sometimes for a 'layman' like me but Eugene has ALWAYS been right there to help solve any problems immediately. Great service, and very useful app if you are a wine store like us, selling in minimums of 6 bottles, but also mixed cases etc.
Radford Dale
Great App that does what you need it to and is simple to setup and use. Would highly recommend this app.
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Order limit, cart limit, limit products or groups

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